Tips for Our Bayberry Guests…

Kayak rentals. Fishing regulations. Sunscreen realities. Best place to get a red hot. Insiders guide to lobster procurement (legal). Clamming regulations. I’ve always tried to address these matters in one document, but the document gets old. So, here goes… little bits of midcoast wisdom and whimsy to add to your Maine experience… Enjoy!

Dining / Groceries

  • Georgetown Country Store. 769 Five Islands Road (Route 127; mid-town). Open year-round with groceries, beer/wine, local lobsters, and delicious breakfasts, lunches, and suppers. Free wifi; indoor seating. **Awesome** onion rings. They have ONE of everything you need — and if they don’t, then you didn’t really need
  • Five Islands Farm. 1375 Five Islands Road (Route 127; up-town). Open every single bleeping day, as long as that day falls between June 1 & Sept 30. Awesome foodstuffs — not the stuff you feed your children, the stuff you feed your brother’s spouse to make them think you’ve got some sort of inside connection to the local “scene” (“scene” right? folks still call it “scene”?). and
  • Five Islands Lobster Co. 1447 Five Islands Road (Route 127-“extension”; so up-town you’re wet). “…perched on an active fishing wharf, on the edge of Sheepscot Bay, surrounded by some of the coldest and deepest waters on the coast…” and the warmest employees around. Lobsters live & cooked; greasy fried stuff at the “Love Nest” Grill; ice cream at Annabelle’s. If you’re a sheep, also a good place for a haircut. A New York Times and Bon Appetit standard. And a must-visit experience. and
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